Nikki Hazelton
Freelance Photographer
Nikki Hazelton has many years experience with photography which has evolved from analogue darkroom to digital creative, studio, location and everything that it takes in between to ensure an image hits the spot.

Nikki cemented this knowledge further by studying BA Photography for 3 years.  From here she took an opportunity to work in the world of commercial photography by photo-assisting Chris Reeve Photographer.  Chris has been in this business for over 25 years and has an impressively varied portfolio, with a strong client base of art designers in London and East Anglia.  

Projects and collaboration work have been running parallel to the commercial aspect. Nikki has recently been working in a team with a leading model agency to create a short art film with the latest technical kit and styling broadening her knowledge of film making.  The beginning of 2017 has presented a new opportunity to be part of a community darkroom establishment with the view to hosting analogue workshops and promoting alternative darkroom processes.
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